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3.Paradis is a French-Canadian contemporary ready-to-wear brand by Creative Director Emeric Tchatchoua.

Established in 2013, the brand was founded on a message of freedom, hope and universalism informed by the journey of life. Central to this is storytelling through the language of symbols which have come to define the brand’s visual signature.

Born and raised in a low income neighbourhood of Paris and through his own personal journey Emeric Tchatchoua is inspired by life and its complexity, its challenges, and how we can rise beyond this to become more.

Sharing deeply personal emotions and stories through the brand’s visual language transcends the written word, and stirs feelings - sometimes comforting, sometimes confronting. Through connecting on a felt level, we connect with one another as humans at the points in our individual journeys where there is synchronicity and alignment.

Tapping into his experiences and the feelings they evoked, through fashion as a vehicle, his work spreads a message of unity, liberation, and hope.

This philosophy transcends otherness and the how and why behind that which is broken in contemporary society, and looks beyond this through spiritual and humanist lens - each of us a minority of one, united through this shared experience.

“What does it mean to be human? How can you share a message without words? I am here to change the lives of young people through inspiring them to imagine more, to dream bigger, hope without restraint, and pursue a life of authenticity, ambition, and opportunity”.

Thought-provoking campaigns laced with spiritual and social commentary capture a space juxtaposed between reality and possibility, addressing our lived experience and going beyond this with inspiring and uplifting messages.

Launched in Montreal in 2013 and now jointly based in Paris, 3.Paradis has grown to have presence internationally through destination retail partners and their global e-commerce platform.

The LVMH Prize nominee and Canadian Arts and Fashion Award winner celebrates their 10 years anniversary in 2023.